Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fabulous Non Grata, January 8th 7-12ish, $20 advance, $25 door


Gastro Non Grata and Fabulous Catering present: Fabulous Non Grata – The Movable Feast.

January 8th, 7-12ish Fabulous Catering 612.789.4244, 2900 13th Avenue South, Mpls, MN
$20 advance $25 door, call 612.789.4244 for advance tickets, valet parking will be available

Prepare to fill your gullet, satiate your thirst and feast on ear candy throughout a 3-room circus of flavor. We bring you FABULOUS NON GRATA, an amazing array of culinary creations from the expanses of Fabulous Catering near the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis. Gastro Stations will be strategically positioned throughout with small plates, local beer and cider centered around a garage full of amazing local music.

We’ll start the evening off with our new favorite ukuelele band, The Chord and The Fawn. Dreamland Faces will then follow with their inventive, exquisite, entertaining timestamp tunes and we’re pleased as a kid with a spoonful of frosting to have Dark Dark Dark take some time off from recording to indulge us with their haunting melodies at the end of the night.

As for indulgences, how does this sound?

A Duet of Bleu Cheese "Truffles" Featuring "Brews and Blues" Faribault Cheese
Company Bleu Cheese made with Summit Winterfest with Toasted Walnuts and Moody Blue Smoked Gorgonzola with Smoked Paprika.

Chipotle Gouda Cheese Queso Fundito with Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, served with Fresh Fried Corn Chips.

Grassfed Beef and Three Bean Chili to warm yer bones, served with Furthermore beer.
We will also be serving a Stickney Hills Chevre Fondant Bruscetta with Honey Crisp Apples and Ames Farm Honey paired with Crispin Cider. There may also be samples of an unnamed, unreleased, super top secret Crispin cider.

To add to the fun, there will be a Build-your-own-Satay station with numerous meats for you to skewer and cover with sauces from around the world.

Now that’s a heck of a lot of good stuff for Twenty Bucks, Call 612.789.4244 and reserve a spot today.

Beer and Cider samples will be available at each food station and a cash bar will be on-premise if you feel the need to step up and have a drink.

Fabulous Non Grata is a labor of love made possible by Fabulous Catering and Gastro Non Grata

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gastro Non Grata 12 - COMFORT ALLEY

For Immediate Release
Sunday, November 22nd, Triple Rock Social Club, Five Dollar Cover, Doors at 6
Gastro Non Grata 12 A Salute to Comfort Food and Cans
Dammit! It's cold outside again. Why not come warm your cockels with Gastro Non Grata.
For our dozenth show we're proud to have our first returning guest chef Landon Schoenfeld who has worked just about everywhere in town. He's opening his own restaurant in the coming months Haute Dish where he's going to gourmetize the comfort dishes we all know and love such as tater tot hot dish and more. He's going to be doing three sample courses, two from his forthcoming restaurant and one from his part time job slinging hash at The Wienery.

Our beer guest will be 21st Amendment Brewery, located in San Francisco, but recently contract brewing their cans of Hell or High Watermelon Wheat and Brew Free or Die IPA amongst some brand new beers we'll be debuting to the Metro area at Gastro Non Grata. These guys moved their release date for the city just to be a part of our little show, awwwww.

We're proud to give you one of our most eclectic music lineups yet. Starting with the sweet country sounds of the Annandale Cardinals, followed by the dueling pianos of the Legendary Cornbread Harris and West Bank Favorite Caddilac Kolstad. Then we kick out the jams with the big sound, pint sized School of Rock. Arctic Universe hits the stage with his mesmerizing gothic crooning and then Falcon Crest will bring the loud noises to finish off the evening.

Northern Brewer will start the show off by pouring samples our batch of Lambic beer we brewed at the last show, then starting a whole new batch of wonderful Gastro-Brew.
And as always Clancey's Meat and Fish in Linden Hills will be providing our amazing dead meat door prize.

Doors open at 6, so get there early so you don't miss a morsel.
Gastro Non Grata is a labor of love brought to you by Craig Drehmel and Jeff Mitchell.
sponsored by The Onion, HeavyTable.com, Northern Brewer and Thrifty Hipster

Monday, October 19, 2009

Gastro Non Grata 11 Photo Recap

Welcome to the photo recap of Gastro Non Grata 11. Glad you could make it, big thanks up front to all who participated in the show. It was a resounding success. Our next show will be on November 22nd at the Triple Rock. More to come on that, but let's just sit back and relive yesterday. And if you're a friend of Greg Schaal, tell him he did a great job taking all these pictures for us, he's a peach.

Jeff and Craig welcome all to the good times.

She was waaay too cute and the most enthusiastic dancer in the place.

Chronically good beer

Dead Meat makes everybody happy.

Yes, I think I'll have a beer

This guy, I don't think I can trust this guy

Looks so good you can almost taste it

Go buy a six pack of Petaluma's finest

Mike Decamp's Mini Lamb Sliders ready to go

Mike Decamp tells it like it is

Tim McKee, James Beard Award Winner and
Gastro Non Grata Quality Control

Eric Anderson, Head Chef of Sea Change gives Nathan of The Dynamiters the emotional boost he'll need to bring forth the rock monster

Now just throw on some preserved albacore tuna and
salmon mousse and salmon roe for deliciousness.

Raul from La Chiquita Helados Y Paletas stopped by with
some tamarind and lime popsicles for the end of the show.

They taste even better than they look, which doesn't seem possible.
You should stop by, Near the Wabasha Street Caves in St. Paul

Tim from Northern Brewer pours a sample of the Rye Kolsch
he brewed at our last show. Spicy, dry and clean. Great Beer

Tim explains to Craig and Jeff that we ran out of rye kolsch in 20 minutes
and pumps the audience up for the Gastro lambic he's creating in the corner
that will be sampled at the November 22nd show

Now on to the music photos

Twin Cities Ukulele Orchestra

The Yodelin' Cattle Call of Rope Trick

Tony Magee, Lagunitas Owner - Bluesman Bard

St. Pauli Grla bushwhack

Double Bird getting louder

The Dynamiters destroying everything

Paying respect to the old school

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Goin' Back to 'Sconnie

Gastro Non Grata is proud to be a part of Furthermore Beer's "Sh**ty Barn Party". Saturday, September 26th. 6pm-2am in beautiful Spring Green, WI. Forget the House on the Rock, catch a glance of the Frank Lloyd Wright House and head on down to Furthermore Beer's Shitty Barn instead. All it takes is a $10 donation.

Ten Bucks'll get you some tasty Furthermore beer, including the release of the their Fallen Apple brew, a blend of beer and cider. Delicious.

The Underground Food Collective from Madison will have a dead pig being rotated over fire and Chef Nate Berg from Chippewa Falls, WI to collaborate on how to serve animal parts.

Local good time rockers Private Dancer are kicking off their tour and promoting their new 7 inch and Post Rock Wonders The Chambermaids will be ending their midwestern tour promoting their new album. Madison will be representing with the stony, gnarly riffs of Droids Attack as well.

Craig Grabhorn and Nina Bednarski from the Art Department are installing their art in the Sh**ty Barn and will also be doing some on site T-shirt screen printing for the thirsty crowd.

Coffee will be provided by Just Coffee

And.... Wait for it.... An honest to goodness Meat Raffle! It lives on across the border. Thanks to Cates Family Farm pasture-raised beef. Donating a box of summer sausage, skirt steak, ground beef, and maybe for fun a heart, tongue and liver.

It may be six hours away, but it's going to be a good time. Don't park in the neighbor's parking lot. Pitch a tent, roll out a sleeping bag in the barn. Get a hotel or appoint a sober buddy, but don't drive drunk. We'll have Bloodies and Breakfast the next morning for anyone who stays the night and will thoroughly appreciate anyone who helps clean up.

This is an indoor/outdoor event in late september, in a very crappy, drafty barn. Plan accordingly.

Gastro Non Grata is a labor of love brought to you by Craig Drehmel and Jeff Mitchell. Furthermore Beer is a laborious process brought to you by Aran Madden and Chris Staples

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gastro Non Grata is Flyin' Aug. 23rd

For a more descriptive press release with pictures email us - gastronongrata@gmail.com

Sunday August 23rd, Triple Rock Social Club, Doors at 6, $3-$5 donations at the door.

Gastro Non Grata 11, This time it's sustainable.

We welcome Sea Change Head Chef Erik Anderson and La Belle Vie chef de cuisine Mike Decamp into the fold to pair their piscatorial and vegetal culinary powers with the foamy eccentricities brought forth by Tony Magee, owner of Lagunitas Brewing Co.

Our Musical guests will begin with the whimsy of the Twin Cities Ukelele Orchestra, The yodelrific Rope Trick will bring good times and heartache, followed by double duty Tony Magee, brewery owner by day, dirty acoustic blues player by night. After the blues get you down, Double Bird will flip you off and get your head nodding, then the Dynamiters will fill your prescription for dirty snotty riffy garage mayhem.

Before you leave, Raul Saud and Victor Cruzalta of Helados Y Paletas La Chiquita in St. Paul will quench your parch with a tasty frozen treat and Northern Brewer will be on hand with the Rye Kolsch we started at our last show and concocting a new batch of gastrobrew for later use. Our Dead Meat Door Prizes from the wonderful people of Clancey's Meat and Fish in Linden Hills never fail to please. So if you have an excuse for not showing up, it had better be good and written in triplicate.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Next Show will be Sunday, August 23rd at the Triple Rock

I don't know what's going to be happening as of yet. But write it down or something

Gastro Non Grata did it, we've found a friend in HeavyTable.com and we thinks you should visit them daily. They've taken some very pretty pictures of our last show which will soon be shared with you.

But first, I would like to take a minute to thank all the people that came to our last show. I would especially like to thank the Vietnamese pork salad, and Heather Hartman of Spoonriver, the salad's creator.

Secondly, I'd like to thank Rush River Small Axe for pairing, well frankly, almost too well with the salad. Your citrus finish and crisp, clean flavor really bowled me over. Nick Anderson, Rush River Brewmaster MC Hop Dog was kind enough to drive all the way to River Falls to brew it for you, get on that stage break down how they do it directly across the border. Here's a pretty picture of the Rush River Bubblejack IPA.

One thing I know is the boys from Northern Brewer were making the place smell like something good was happening while they brewed up a batch of rye kolsch during the last show. That'll make for a pretty darn good summer brew on August 23rd when we'll all be drinking it. Thank You, Northern Brewer.

The first of more band shots to come. Here's the wily and mysterious way of Dreamland Faces.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Aren't they just beautiful? Good times are guaranteed

Since the May 17th show is a joint production with Modern Cafe,
we've decided to do two limited edition posters.
One represents community, the other dead flesh.
You try to figure out which is which.

Oh King Mini, we can always count on you
to deliver the finest in making lots of information
so easy and entertaining to read.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Gastro Non Grata 9, May 24th at the Triple Rock, $3 cover

Our next,
we're going to really try to break even show!!!!
Sunday, May 24th 6-9pm Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis Gastro Non Grata 9 and it's only 3 bucks.

We're happy, happy happy to announce we'll be sampling
the beers of Rush River Brewing Company of River Falls, WI.

I'm pretty sure these guys are going to show
up since it's their brewery and all

Our Food Guest will be Heather Hartman
Chef of Spoonriver and member of the
Cafe Brenda family. She's going to be throwing
down with mushroom pate first sample course
and a Vietnamese Grilled Pork salad for the second.


Of course, these shall be paired with fine Rush River Beers.

Rogue Chocolatier

To end the night Colin Gasko of
Rogue Chocolatier will be bringing
some of his unique bean to bar chocolate
so the crowd can realize the true potential
of the chocolate universe.


Oh, yeah. as an added bonus our buddy
Tim from Northern Brewer is going to
be on hand with nothing but a big pot, a
burner and a carboy to brew up the first
batch of Gastro beer from boil to pitch.


We will then sample the beer at the next
Gastro Non Grata in August. I wonder what
style he will be brewing for us...

Wait a minute.
Isn't there supposed to be music too?

Glad you asked, well for you measly three bucks, we
have also assembled a hodgepodge of awesome noises,
finishing the evening off with none other than Power Duo

Birthday Suits

photo by josh madson

His Mischief


They have a new album out that you should either buy
now or pick up at the show. This is high energy stuff that needs
to be handled carefully.

Evening Rig


photo by Kris Drake

Swing to the sweet sounds of the roundabout town Evening Rig
They all just look so happy, they must be drinking beer or something

photo by Alexa Jones

Dreamland Faces

photo by Emily Utne

One of the more entertaining acts you'll find in the town
Dreamland Faces promise to take you away to a better place
full of saws, vibrato and captivating sincerity.

Photo by Jenn Libby

here's a youtube link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PwDy_K0IMQ

As an added bonus Mr. Fly, resident Spoonriver singer/
songwriter will be playing a few ditties as well