Monday, October 19, 2009

Gastro Non Grata 11 Photo Recap

Welcome to the photo recap of Gastro Non Grata 11. Glad you could make it, big thanks up front to all who participated in the show. It was a resounding success. Our next show will be on November 22nd at the Triple Rock. More to come on that, but let's just sit back and relive yesterday. And if you're a friend of Greg Schaal, tell him he did a great job taking all these pictures for us, he's a peach.

Jeff and Craig welcome all to the good times.

She was waaay too cute and the most enthusiastic dancer in the place.

Chronically good beer

Dead Meat makes everybody happy.

Yes, I think I'll have a beer

This guy, I don't think I can trust this guy

Looks so good you can almost taste it

Go buy a six pack of Petaluma's finest

Mike Decamp's Mini Lamb Sliders ready to go

Mike Decamp tells it like it is

Tim McKee, James Beard Award Winner and
Gastro Non Grata Quality Control

Eric Anderson, Head Chef of Sea Change gives Nathan of The Dynamiters the emotional boost he'll need to bring forth the rock monster

Now just throw on some preserved albacore tuna and
salmon mousse and salmon roe for deliciousness.

Raul from La Chiquita Helados Y Paletas stopped by with
some tamarind and lime popsicles for the end of the show.

They taste even better than they look, which doesn't seem possible.
You should stop by, Near the Wabasha Street Caves in St. Paul

Tim from Northern Brewer pours a sample of the Rye Kolsch
he brewed at our last show. Spicy, dry and clean. Great Beer

Tim explains to Craig and Jeff that we ran out of rye kolsch in 20 minutes
and pumps the audience up for the Gastro lambic he's creating in the corner
that will be sampled at the November 22nd show

Now on to the music photos

Twin Cities Ukulele Orchestra

The Yodelin' Cattle Call of Rope Trick

Tony Magee, Lagunitas Owner - Bluesman Bard

St. Pauli Grla bushwhack

Double Bird getting louder

The Dynamiters destroying everything

Paying respect to the old school

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