Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Gastro Non Grata: Intumescent Stockpile Wednesday, August 14 at the Turf Club

Gastro Non Grata: Intumescent Stockpile

Wednesday, August 14 at the Turf Club in St Paul
$10 all presale tix get a free hoodie while supplies last
Doors at 7, show at 8

It has been too long, so we’ve thrown together a show that will happen shortly. We’ll be putting on a Capitol City Masacree of epic proportions on Wed, August 14 at the Turf Club in St Paul.

The big guns have been brought, our friends at Surly Brewing are ready to make this mid-week gastronomic break something special, bringing palate pounding beers and a can do attitude  . Landon Schoenefeld of Haute Dish will be assembling small morsels of Flavor Country throughout the night to keep your foundation strong against these beers of Surly.

You’ll need to be on your feet to keep up with all this musical talent. We’re starting things off with the Union Suits; the honky tonkers that make drinking for a living seem like a viable option for the future. After that, Year of the Horse, a Solid Gold side project will probably be the most beautiful goddamn thing you’ve ever heard. To end the night we have White Bronco Buddies, an amalgam of talented players, crafty word spitters and musical personalities in town. You know them, we’re just not going to tell you who they are.
DJ Shannon Blowtorch will be holding down the ones and twos as usual, making us look more professional than we really are, and Clancey’s Meat and Fish will be giving us some high quality dead animal parts for the Dead Meat Door Prize.

We’re  throwing this impromptu hump day spectacular is because Andrew Zimmern is shooting a little ole’ web series and the talent pool of the Twin Cites has finally dried up enough where they got around to us.
So buy a ticket early to get a free hoodie and show up early, we’re gonna try to get AZ to handle some Cow Tongue with us and it’d look a lot better if we had a crowd.

Gastro Non Grata is a labor of love brought to you by Craig Drehmel and Jeff Mitchell