Saturday, May 22, 2010

Photos from our Gastro Non Grata 14 : Triple Rock/Hohenstein Appreciation and Gastrowhirl 2 : Muralize It

This is a picture of Fiero

all photos by Greg Schaal unless otherwise
noted or obviously taken by my crappy digital camera

Blood, Sweat and Beards

American Penetration giving you meat

Check out these pimps with their brand new table... Hot Stuff

He usually treats his bass much gentler

More American Penetration

Prairie Sons

Brian Ellison of Death's Door Spirits

Keepin' Everything on Ice

photo by soleil ho
GastroWhirl 2 : Muralize It

MMMMMmmmmm tacos with relish and onions and pig

photo by soleil ho

Vaz: We totally lucked out and got these guys. Thanks again to Jim Grell of the Modern Cafe for making these guys work in his restaurant a long time ago and talking them into playing our show on such short notice.


that's a big grill and a good cook

Jeff telling the guys at Fulton Beer he has no idea what he's
doing and that he might be just a little bit drunk.
random street clown saves the day

Just a few of the many members of Me and My Arrow

Ryan from Fulton Beer

International Espionage appears in daylight to spy rock the crap out of you

What's that in the sunset? A show at First Avenue on June 27th? stay tuned for more details

Building Better Bombs

Amen and the Hell Yeahs

Pabst Mural Video done by Mike Endrizzi

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fancy Poster for May 9th Show at Triple Rock

In case you forgot

Gastro Non Grata 14 – Triple Rock/Hohenstein’s Appreciation Sensation

Sunday May 9th, Triple Rock Social Club, Doors at 6 $7 advance/ $10 at the door

It’s been about four years since we started GNG and it’s probably time we started thanking all the people who help us try to break even . So this one’s for all our frieeends at Hohenstein’s Distributing and the Triple Rock Social Club. Without them, we’d have a pretty damn boring show.

As for libations, we’re giving craft brewers a break and moving into the world of Door Country Dutch Courage - Death’s Door Spirits is going to be on hand bringing mini-signature cocktails, moonshine stories and maybe a portrait of a rusty tractor in a field.

Our food guests won’t have to go far, the always inventive kitchen staff of the Triple Rock are hard at work in the lab creating vegan-friendly and vegan-unfriendly dishes that will definitely twist brains and make you smile non grata style.

For our musical guests, we’ve kept it in house – The Prairie Sons and Blood, Sweat and Beers both feature members of the Triple Rock Staff and American Penetration and Fiero feature employee’s of Hohenstein’s Dist.

As always, Northern Brewer will be on hand making and pouring gastrobrew

Dead Meat Door Prizes from Clancey’s Meat and Fish in Linden Hill’s will continue to be engaging, thought-provoking and useful.

Ticket sales will be limited to 250 people so there’s room for everyone to move around, drink samples, eat food and have a good time without having to push, so get your tickets before they’re gone.

Tickets available from Triple Rock Online or from gastro constituents around town.

Sponsored by Metro Magazine, The Onion, Northern Brewer, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Heavy Table and Clancey’s

Gastro Non Grata is a labor of love brought to you by Craig Drehmel, Jeff Mitchell and Joe Belk

GastroWhirl 2 : Muralize It May 16th in the Modern Cafe Parking Lot. You're all gonna burn

For Immediate Release

GastroWhirl 2 : Muralize It

Sunday, May 16th Food starts around Eleven, Music starts at 12:30

Modern Café Parking Lot (337 13th Ave.) in NE Minneapolis.

Free admission to all

$1 wristbands for 21+ to drink

Gastro Non Grata and Modern Café have put aside their petty differences on reality TV programming to bring you GastroWhirl 2 : Muralize It –an entire day of local bands, cold beer, fine wine and a PBR art mural.

Modern Café will be open inside inside until 2pm, but the interesting stuff will be cooking on the parking lot. Jim and Phil are going to be building a BBQ pit out of cinder blocks then overload it with braising pans full of shouldered pork that will be torn into carnitas tacos with radish relish and a few select sides to help set the base for the day of debauchery.

We’re glad the guys at Fulton Beer will be on hand pouring Sweet Child of Vine IPA. Local beer made by local guys drank by local ladies and fellas, a thing of beauty. Also, Chris Brink of Bourget Imports will be on hand to dole out some summer whites and thirst quenching rose for those of you that stick your pinkies in the air.

Our friends at Pabst Blue Ribbon will be on hand all day pounding tall boys and creating an art mural on the empty wall of the parking lot, giving us some some whirl cred and leaving a lasting impression of what should prove to be an amazing show.

On the music end we’re biting off ten bands of varying flavor and intensity. Starting off with Sorry OK, Ogre Smash Death Boom, Claps, Communist Daughter, Chickadee Mountain Martyrs, Me and My Arrow, Amen and the Hell Yeahs, International Espionage, Cokewolf And Building Better Bombs.

Chris from Bourget will be pouring wine samples before Communist Daughter

Fulton Beer representatives will take the stage before Me and My Arrow pouring free samples

Poster and Band schedule attached

Gastrowhirl is a joint effort to break even by Gastro Non Grata and Modern Cafe