Saturday, May 22, 2010

Photos from our Gastro Non Grata 14 : Triple Rock/Hohenstein Appreciation and Gastrowhirl 2 : Muralize It

This is a picture of Fiero

all photos by Greg Schaal unless otherwise
noted or obviously taken by my crappy digital camera

Blood, Sweat and Beards

American Penetration giving you meat

Check out these pimps with their brand new table... Hot Stuff

He usually treats his bass much gentler

More American Penetration

Prairie Sons

Brian Ellison of Death's Door Spirits

Keepin' Everything on Ice

photo by soleil ho
GastroWhirl 2 : Muralize It

MMMMMmmmmm tacos with relish and onions and pig

photo by soleil ho

Vaz: We totally lucked out and got these guys. Thanks again to Jim Grell of the Modern Cafe for making these guys work in his restaurant a long time ago and talking them into playing our show on such short notice.


that's a big grill and a good cook

Jeff telling the guys at Fulton Beer he has no idea what he's
doing and that he might be just a little bit drunk.
random street clown saves the day

Just a few of the many members of Me and My Arrow

Ryan from Fulton Beer

International Espionage appears in daylight to spy rock the crap out of you

What's that in the sunset? A show at First Avenue on June 27th? stay tuned for more details

Building Better Bombs

Amen and the Hell Yeahs

Pabst Mural Video done by Mike Endrizzi

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