Monday, March 23, 2009

Gastro Non Grata 9, May 24th at the Triple Rock, $3 cover

Our next,
we're going to really try to break even show!!!!
Sunday, May 24th 6-9pm Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis Gastro Non Grata 9 and it's only 3 bucks.

We're happy, happy happy to announce we'll be sampling
the beers of Rush River Brewing Company of River Falls, WI.

I'm pretty sure these guys are going to show
up since it's their brewery and all

Our Food Guest will be Heather Hartman
Chef of Spoonriver and member of the
Cafe Brenda family. She's going to be throwing
down with mushroom pate first sample course
and a Vietnamese Grilled Pork salad for the second.

Of course, these shall be paired with fine Rush River Beers.

Rogue Chocolatier

To end the night Colin Gasko of
Rogue Chocolatier will be bringing
some of his unique bean to bar chocolate
so the crowd can realize the true potential
of the chocolate universe.

Oh, yeah. as an added bonus our buddy
Tim from Northern Brewer is going to
be on hand with nothing but a big pot, a
burner and a carboy to brew up the first
batch of Gastro beer from boil to pitch.

We will then sample the beer at the next
Gastro Non Grata in August. I wonder what
style he will be brewing for us...

Wait a minute.
Isn't there supposed to be music too?

Glad you asked, well for you measly three bucks, we
have also assembled a hodgepodge of awesome noises,
finishing the evening off with none other than Power Duo

Birthday Suits

photo by josh madson

His Mischief

They have a new album out that you should either buy
now or pick up at the show. This is high energy stuff that needs
to be handled carefully.

Evening Rig

photo by Kris Drake

Swing to the sweet sounds of the roundabout town Evening Rig
They all just look so happy, they must be drinking beer or something

photo by Alexa Jones

Dreamland Faces

photo by Emily Utne

One of the more entertaining acts you'll find in the town
Dreamland Faces promise to take you away to a better place
full of saws, vibrato and captivating sincerity.

Photo by Jenn Libby

here's a youtube link -

As an added bonus Mr. Fly, resident Spoonriver singer/
songwriter will be playing a few ditties as well

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